" We get businesses to reach their maximum potential, as people helping people. "

In a landscape where businesses in all kinds of industries get started or developed, there’s always room to expand and grow yourself in ways you may have not realized. And even if you do realize you could use help with a problem, there’s never any harm in asking for some help. Maximus Solutions is a consultancy and project management company that’s out to help other businesses realize and reach their maximum potential.

Running a business is no easy feat, as there’s always something that could be improved for the sake of a better lifestyle. We cover plenty of bases, from starting off in merchant services, to branding and printing, over to achieving project acceleration needs. Welcome aboard to a full 360 solution.

Payment Processing Services Canada

Merchant Services

Through a process that goes up to three months, utilize merchant services for the first step of your course and journey with Maximus. Learn what doing business with us is all about.

Branding and Design Service Canada

Branding & Design

Step it up to the next phase, where you will be making a brand discovery for your business over the course of 4 to 6 months. Become more established with us by building loyalty for our business relationship, granting additional benefits.

Project Acceleration Canada

Project Acceleration

Reach your destination with the final lap of our journey, as we shift gears towards project management and consultancy for your business’ structure. Gain access to exclusive membership based on your level of engagement, boosting your brand towards higher heights of progression.

Business Finance Canada


Financing your dream to reach your goals. Have the capital for growth as part of the journey. We have accelerated our process to assist from mortgages, line of credits, and or venture capital. Focus on your passion and let us concentrate on your support.

merchant services canada

Our Purpose

We’re passionate about helping dynamic, mid-market businesses grow, acquire and transition through innovative junior capital financing. We believe in relationships, not one-time transactions. We eliminate financial hurdles, provide flexibility and grow with you.

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Where Others See Risk, We See Potential

Our capital solutions allow you to stay in control and reach the next level of growth. We partner with you – and your senior lender and other stakeholders – to create a customized structure that gives you the flexibility to push your business forward. We know there’s no reward without a little risk.

Solidifying the Four Pillars of a Foundation to Help You Grow


Build your brand through utilizing marketing efforts that speak in your unique voice. Discover what makes you and your business stand out as you connect with your target audience or market out there.


Develop and increase your profit potential through strategies that can help you gain more sales revenue for your bottom line.


Optimize the inner workings of your day to day operation through streamlining. Create a flow that will have things running more smoothly and efficiently for you.


Have your finances examined and learn the steps to take for saving money where possible. Stabilize what it takes to keep your company ship afloat.


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