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Project Acceleration Canada


Get started with having your merchant service and payment processing needs covered. Have the opportunity to work with major payment processors that can help your business gain a strong foothold in your business growth story.
Business Consultancy


Familiarize your business through establishing its core values, true target market, future aspirations, brand identity/image, and more. Discover what makes your business what it is in the details.
Business Finance Providers Canada


Accelerate your journey towards true growth, through analyzing your business' infrastructure and operation. Expand yourself with projects that will help you be in the best place that you can be, as you play to your strengths and strive to reach your peak.

Merchant Services

Merchant Services

Through a process that goes up to three months, utilize merchant services for the first step of your course and journey with Maximus. Learn what doing business with us is all about.

Branding & Design

Branding & Design

Step it up to the next phase, where you will be making a brand discovery for your business over the course of 4 to 6 months. Become more established with us by building loyalty for our business relationship, granting additional benefits.

Project Acceleration

Project Acceleration

Reach your destination with the final lap of our journey, as we shift gears towards project management and consultancy for your business’ structure. Gain access to exclusive membership based on your level of engagement, boosting your brand towards higher heights of progression.



Financing your dream to reach your goals. Have the capital for growth as part of the journey. We have accelerated our process to assist from mortgages, line of credits, and or venture capital. Focus on your passion and let us concentrate on your support.

Accelerate Your Goals with the Process

business development services

Beginning the Journey

The first step in this journey is to ensure that you're driven and rearing to go for evolving your business.

strategic development services

Analyzing the Details

When you've been inspired and are truly ready to begin, we'll take a look at your whole business using a full-scale analysis. This will allow us to see your business in terms of vision, integration, marketing, operations, financials, etc.

business development center

Planning the Course

Once we've got a solid idea as to what we're working with, we'll then plan and project the course of actions that will benefit your business. It will all be based off your business analysis.

business development consulting

Starting the Course

After the roadmap is laid out, we'll begin executing our plans. The "production" of the project acceleration itself officially begins.

business development agency canada

Maintaining the Course

While we are working through the process, it'll be important to continuously make sure things aren't just on track, but are also being adjusted accordingly.

business strategy and development

Finishing the Course

At last, we'll reach the finish line for the project, where your business will be in a better place than it was before.

Our Featured Clients

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business development solutions in Canada

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Get an idea about some of the passionate people that were at the Taste Canada Awards, and see them celebrate food culture in our dedicated video.

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